Monday, February 2, 2009


Siblings of Autistic Youth was created for siblings of kids on the Autism Spectrum, but we also have resources for everyone. It's written from my perspective with my own sister, who is 4 and was diagnosed with autism in January 2009. I gladly accept any suggestions for the website that will broaden the range, since the purpose of this site is for all Siblings to be heard!


  • We provide opportunities for Siblings to connect with other Siblings in our Comments section, so Siblings know they're not alone. :-)
  • The Famous Autistic People section is a collection of individuals and the amazing things they have accomplished because of autism, not despite it.
  • The DIY (Activities!) section is a great way to get ideas for other games your sibling might like, and send in your own ideas. The section wasn't created with education in mind (though there might be some in some of the activities - I learned a lot with the ABCs sign language) because Siblings don't have to worry about that! The Activities are just fun games that I know my three-year-old sister likes to play with me.
  • The Events section lists all the things your family can do with your sibling, including things I just found out about, like free membership to all national parks, discounts for events like Disney World, and cruises just for families with an autistic child/children!


I'm Christine, and I'm 17 yrs old. My little sister, Sunny, will be 4 yrs old this month, and is doing pretty well, which I know is because of the strong support of my mom, other sister (16 yrs old), and me. Autism can't ever be "cured", but it's impossible to live up to your full potential without constant support and encouragement by your family. Siblings, too!


Later on, I'm hoping to add another section where you can Join Us and become a member, or Start a Branch. Branches will be able to organize and host their own local events, and meet other Siblings!

And finally, one last note, by this fall, Siblings of Autistic Youth will (hopefully!) become a ".com" instead of a blogspot URL, so keep checking back frequently!